Stephanie McDermott/Kaitlyn Chenevert


Dance class has made such a difference in Kaitlyn’s life!  Kaitlyn was born with an AV Malformation of the brain which ultimately left her hemiplegic. Through aggressive physical therapy from CFPT Associates, she has learned to walk with a walker.  She loves music and would always say “Mommy, I want to dance.”

We never dreamed that dancing would ever be a possibility for Kaitlyn.  One day, Amy Gomes presented us with the opportunity for Kaitlyn to join a special needs ballet class. When I told Kaitlyn she would be starting ballet, her eyes lit up and she couldn’t wait to join.  Ballet class has given Kaitlyn the opportunity to overcome her physical limitations, gain self-esteem, and believe in herself.  It also provides her with the opportunity to interact with other children who have special needs and gives her a sense of belonging. She absolutely LOVES it!  We are so grateful to CFPT Foundation for arranging this special ballet class.  My heart fills with joy every time I hear Kaitlyn now say, “Mommy, I’m a dancer!!”

Jenny Banker



CFPT Foundation has been a blessing to our family.  We have two special needs children who benefit from their services. Our oldest son has been taking Tae Kwon Do class and we have seen significant improvements with his balance, coordination and confidence. The school P.E. teacher has even commented about how much better he is doing physically.  We also have them in the hippotherapy program which has been beneficial for strengthening trunk muscles for our youngest son. We greatly appreciate Amy and the efforts of CFPT Foundation and look forward to the expansion of therapeutic options for our children to enjoy.

Joyce Neilsen


I’m a young 60 year old woman that was born with Cerebral Palsy. Growing up with CP wasn’t all that difficult. I had a pretty normal childhood and even though I could not walk, I was quite independent. Now that I’m getting older, I am finding it harder to move. My muscles are quite stiff and while not being able to exercise properly, I’ve gained a lot of weight.

I live with my 89 year old mother that is in very poor health. She can no longer help me. I depend on an aide twice a day. It works out okay, but when she doesn’t come, I’m in trouble, especially in the evening to prepare dinner. Our kitchen is not at all accessible. Everything is too high for me to reach from my chair.

It would be a life-long dream come true to live in a house that could be totally accessible from a chair. Having a kitchen where the sink, stove top, oven, microwave and counter could be lowered to the correct usable height for me.

To have a bathroom with a roll in shower would be wonderful. It would be great if all the doors in the house could be opened and closed with a button.

Another plus would be having a pool and a lift to get in and out of it. Having a sportsplex with special workout equipment would also be wonderful. It would be fun to workout with other people and even challenge each other.

I hope to live to see this fantastic dream come true! 🙂


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